Transform your life

Unique week-long retreat in Southern France

Exclusive event

An incredible week-long meditation and wellness retreat in
the South of France to rest and recharge alongside like-minded people.


Daily healing, inspiring & restorative activities to create the conditions in which your body can deeply regenerate. It’s time to activate your healing powers !


Spend quality time in nature, outdoors in a gorgeous natural setting, resting and healing. Reconnecting to yourself.


Meet like-minded people together on a similar wellness journey. Build connections, relationships, and create unique memories that will last a lifetime.

With Julie & Tim



Retreat hosted by Julie Morin & Tim van Driessche, the creators of the mobile app Envol. Julie spent years in a wheelchair before walking again and they now wish to share their experience and create a holistic healing retreat amongst like-minded people.



Healthy, nutrient bomb meals



We will prepare you amazing recipes to revitalize your body with vibrant colorful & delicious food! The food served at the retreat will be whole and as little processed as possible, organic (or ethically grown), seasonal and plant-based.

An eco friendly lodge in Aveyron region of Southern France

made with renewable, organic materials



20 – 27 April 2024 (EN Spoken)
14 – 21 Sept. 2024 (EN Spoken)
22 – 29 Sept. 2024 (FR Spoken)


• 8 days / 7 nights in beautiful eco-friendly home in Southern France
• Daily meditations
• Sauna & Red light therapy
• Red cedar jacuzzi
• Walks & Mountain bike tour
• Educational conferences
• 1 massage per person in the spa
• Organic, plant-based lunches & dinners
• Slow-pressed juices
• Toulouse airport transportation (international flights)
From €1.190,-

A unique opportunity to practice mental rest, dive inwards and unlock your potential !



A gift to yourself

This retreat is an incredible opportunity to take the method of Envol to the next level and apply it in the most ideal setting alongside like-minded people who are going through a journey of their own. Meditate daily, express gratitude, receive natural sunlight, breathe outdoors, connect to the Earth, laugh, play, rest and focus your attention and energy on what you want to manifest in your life. All this together, in a fun and respectful environment.





Example of Day program

• 8:00 – 09:45: Waking up, outside circle, morning meditation in the hall
• 10:30am: Conference + pillar
• 12:30pm: Lunch + juice
• Free time: Sauna, hot bath, light therapy, walk, bike
• 5pm Group meditation
• 7pm: Dinner
• Sauna, games, rest

+ surprise the last night! A costume party for fun & celebration


1000% worth it

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 16, 2023

The Envol retreat was a life-changing, unforgettable week in the best way possible. I chose to book because I had felt isolated and mentally stuck for over a year and Julie was the one person I followed on social media who radiated so much joy and light. I thought to myself that if I could gain any little piece of what Julie has the retreat will be worth it! And it 1000% was.

The external environment created for us was so supportive. Sunshine, beautiful nature, unlimited access to grounding, nourishing food, sauna… Despite the jet lag I felt mentally and physically better than I have in years! I was able to relax and be fully present with a child-like joy.

The whole week was incredible but for me the best part was the people. I’ve never before been surrounded by so many amazing like-minded people and felt so supported, seen, and loved. I was able to open up deeper with the group than I ever have with my family or friends back home. Each person there inspired me, taught me something, and blew me away with their resilience and positivity.

Writing this review a little over a month after returning home, I can say that what I learned about brain rewiring and the immense power we each hold to heal ourselves has really stuck with me. I had some knowledge before attending the retreat but this experience really unlocked a deeper understanding. I feel that I have a new awareness and perspective on life that I will always keep with me! Thank you Julie, Tim, and Eulalie for creating this beautiful, magic week that I will treasure forever ✨💛


Just book it!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 12, 2023

Well – I‘ve been to a lot of retreats in my life but nothing comes close to the new family which awaited me at the Envol retreat. The venue is absolutely stunning in the middle of beautiful nowhere and the input I got was a beautiful mixture of information, practice aka the meditations, the connection to the other participants and the relaxation I needed. Julie and Tim are such an inspiration and absolute heartwarming people.

Thanks so much! Just love 🙂


Une expérience inoubliable.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 7, 2023

C’est un cadeau surprise qui m’a été offert par ma chère épouse. Cette première semaine d’Envol, c’est du pur bonheur. C’est une retraite inoubliable passée en compagnie de personnes exceptionnelles. L’équipe, l’endroit, l’organisation, la nourriture, tout a été sublime et enrichissant. Je recommande vivement ce séjour, à consommer sans modération.

Avec toutes mes amitiés

Ghazi DOUS

The best present I ever gave myself !

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 31, 2023

I hesitated long before subscribing to this retreat as I am still dealing with lots of symptoms after being floxed. My sleep was really chaotic and I was afraid that travelling plus sharing my room with other people would make the thing worse. I am so glad I was brave enough to subscribe! It’s actually the best gift I ever gave myself! The place is the best where to land after travelling, amazingly energizing and supportive for a good quality sleep. Not to mention the incredible host Martine who makes you feel at home straight away!

During this week I was very surprised of how much I could do while still respecting my needs. The planning and the flexibility in the activities a 100% met my needs. I’ve learned a lot through the powerful tools Julie shared with us. We did deep internal work rewiring our subconscious mind. Thank you Julie for being so spot on and helping me break my inner shackles! The whole Envol Team was so committed and focused in helping the attendants break through plus have a great time. We did serious job and laughed so much as well!

I’ve been an avid meditator for the last 13 years, I did retreats in the past either on my own or in groups, but the very special aspect for me of this retreat was to be surrounded by caring, supportive people, and there was no other way for me to eventually realize some of my uncouscious programs. So thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for offering me this safe place to reflect on myself and giving me the opportunity to bring thing to my awareness I couldn’t on my own. The last 2 meditations were like 3 years of therapy in 2 hours! My brain buzzed rewiring and I just slept K.O. afterward to integrate. I witness, healing can happen very quick!

It’s been a month I’m back home, I feel optimistic and self-confident about my recovery.

I highly recommend this experience to anybody whether dealing with health condition or not who would like to enjoy life at its fullest!

I think this Retreat could be renamed Treat as every day was such a blessing!! If there is a 2.0 version, I’ll definitely join the re-Treat 😛

Thank you for this condense of health and joy!



5 étoiles ne suffisent pas

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 29, 2023

5 étoiles ne suffisent pas pour noter cette incroyable semaine de retraite. D’abord l’on voit ce gîte magnifiquement restauré, niché dans les collines aveyronnaises. Puis le rayonnement de Julie, Tim et Mathilde, qui nous accueillent chaleureusement, avec une joie non feinte, une ouverture naturelle et communicative. La découverte ensuite des autres participant-e-s (nous étions une quinzaine en tout) : des liens se tissent, grâce à la magie de l’endroit, la progression des apprentissages, la sincérité que chacun veut bien partager. Chaque jour j’ai (un peu) pleuré, beaucoup ri, partagé lors de divers ateliers des moments émouvants avec les autres, des expériences fortes lors de méditations (alors que je suis débutante dans le domaine). J’ai acquis des connaissances tellement intéressantes sur les capacités de notre organisme à se régénérer, à se reprogrammer, à ouvrir – par diverses techniques – le champ des possibles, en vue de continuer notre chemin en améliorant notre santé physique, mentale, spirituelle. Gratitude à vous tous et toutes pour cette semaine inoubliable, qui m’a apporté beaucoup de force, de joie et de courage🙏. 5 étoiles ne suffisent vraiment pas.


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Q: Can I come by car?
A: Yes of course! You will be able to park at the property.

Q: Will there be stairs?
A: Some rooms are accessible through a staircase, other don’t. Please leave a note in your reservation so that we can book you the rooms on the ground floor if you need it.

Q: Where will the retreat take place?
A: In Saint-Juery, 12550, France.

Q: What are the transport options?
A: Shuttles from Toulouse airport will be arranged for people coming from outside of France.

Q: Will there be breakfast?
A: We won’t serve breakfast at the retreat, but there will always be some food available in the kitchen if you’re hungry.

Q: Will the retreat be in English or in French?
A: The week 20 – 27 April 2024 & 14-21 Sept. 2024 will be held in English, the week 22 Sept – 29 Sept. will be held in French.